Marking Options

Leading marks represents companies who offer a range of traditional and advanced solutions. Whether you are seeking to identify a component or part, put a warning label or sign in place to alert for potential risk, or mark the location for which an item will be stored or located in inventory, marking has never been so needed.

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Shopfloor Safety

June is National Safety Month. Hazards take many forms: equipment with moving parts, vehicles, electrical exposure and falls–just to name a few.   While standard, preprinted caution labels can alert workers there are other ways to protect workers too.  Having the correct protective equipment is a must to protect employees from risks they may not think of or see.

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Related Products

While our focus is on component identification, did you know that many of the lines we carry offer complementary solutions for other manufacturing processes? These lines include solutions for fume extraction, soldering stations, connectors/crimpers, and tapping tools/presses.

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