MST scan of 2DMarkScanTrack provides the most dependable direct part marking service and asset tracking software available to ensure complete lifecycle traceability. Combining the world’s most durable direct part markingmethods with Mobile Epiphany’s enterprise-class mobile information system, MarkScanTrack delivers a ground breaking mobile solution that revolutionizes the way assets are identified, managed and tracked in any industry.

  • Associate locations/sites/rigs etc. with their assets, processes, forms, test results etc.
  • Auto-trigger email notifications with or without attached reports, based on rules or conditions
  • Auto-trigger work orders based on the results of inspections and forms sent to the server
  • The system works as a stand-alone database or can pass data to existing systems

Our marking method can be combined seamlessly with existing marks of other types, including RFID. MST’s mobile app can read many marking types, making your pre-marked assets already compatible with our software.