Mobile UsersLeading Marks is prepared to help with traceability from the shop floor where machine to machine communication and data-collection is crucial to mobilizing reporting from the warehouse or in the field.

Traceability is common for collection, look-up and sharing of data. Whether it is Asset Tracking, EH&S Inspections, QA/QC Controls, Work-in-process, Assembly builds, or Field Service reporting industry is driving the need for traceability from cradle to grave. Why is traceability important for your organization?

What’s the value-add with the potential of data collected through mobile apps or plant-floor software packages?

  • Auto-trigger of reports and work orders based on data collected
  • Quicker reporting
  • Query and filter of data
  • Minimize down-time on the production line or field operation
  • Trends & variations evaluation
  • and more