Mobile UsersLeading Marks is prepared to help with traceability from the shop floor where machine to machine communication and data-collection is crucial to mobilizing reporting from the warehouse or in the field.

Traceability is common for collection, look-up and sharing of data. Whether it is Asset Tracking, EH&S Inspections, QA/QC Controls, Work-in-process, Assembly builds, or Field Service reporting industry is driving the need for traceability from cradle to grave. Why is traceability important for your organization?

What’s the value-add with the potential of data collected through mobile apps or plant-floor software packages?

  • Auto-trigger of reports and work orders based on data collected
  • Quicker reporting
  • Query and filter of data
  • Minimize down-time on the production line or field operation
  • Trends & variations evaluation
  • and more

Leading Marks is proud to be working with two companies: Mobile Epiphany.

Mobile-App-screenshotsMobile Epiphany

A leader for improving processes where costly forms and redundant data entry can be streamlined to provide near real-time reporting. Their building block style platform allows for quick customization that works virtually any mobile device. This quick data collection of data allows tracking with bar codes that includes GPS positioning and can automatically trigger work orders, custom reports and notifications.