Machines that Make the Signs for the Times

Whether it is the elegant requirements of architectural signs, meeting ADA (Americans with Disabilities ACT) wayfinding requirements, or durable safety signs that survive rugged environments how you make the sign matters.

Leading Marks is an authorized distributor of the GravoTech engraving systems and the MAX USA Bepop 4-color thermal printers. Specializing in identification requirements, Leading Marks believes in presenting options that allow the customer options to meet the expectations of the job and work within the available budget for the capital investment.

Signage Examples

  • Laser engraved house sign

Engraving Machines

Gantry Laser Engraving System

GravoTech, a leader of direct part marking machinery, offers a complete line of rotary and laser engraving machines. The rotary systems come in compact units for simple tasks of creating small legend plates, switch plates and more. Larger rotary engravers have varying field size for larger signs – and are great for light duty routing decorative designs specific to architectural projects.

The GravoTech gantry lasers support the engraving a wide range of materials. The CO2 or fiber laser sources fulfill needs of cutting and engraving with power sources starting at 25W up to 150W. Systems with a combination of sources are also available.

Leading Marks also supports engraving requirements post sale with sign holders, modular frames, engraving materials and other associated supplies.

Rotary Engraving System

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Max- Bepop 4 Color Printer

Thermal Printers

Safety signage and labeling is a critical part of the safety process for manufacturing and construction alike — especially for specialty contractors such as electrical and mechanical. ANSI and OSHA requirements give guidelines to help identify areas where danger or caution should be exercised during operation and/or maintenance of equipment.

The MAX thermal printers can be found in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, educational & health care facilities and many more places of operations. MAX has been recognized worldwide as a leader of industrial tools and office products.

The 4-color MAX Bepop printers are available in two sizes: 4” and 8”. An investment in either machine allows you to make signs on-demand. They even allow you to cut to size. The Bepop printers enable you to respond immediately when safety incidents occur – no more waiting for outsourced items or needs to purchase minimum quantities.

  • Safety signage
  • Evacuation Maps
  • Shadow boards

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Signs to Go

If you are not sure investing in capital equipment for your label and sign needs makes sense, Leading Marks also provides stocked and made-to-order solutions too. When these needs arise, it is always helpful to understand your needs. It is also helpful to know the environment for which the label and sign will be used, and the driving need for it. With this information we can recommend the applicable material the sign should be made of meeting ANSI and OSHA requirements. Artwork in digital format expedites the ability to respond quickly.

Common standard and customized signs are available for biohazard and hazardous materials, safety, first aid, lockout tagout, machine operation and personal protection. Even rugged applications for aerial, pipelines, substations, traffic signals and other rugged industrial or construction site requirements.