While our focus is on component identification, did you know that many of the lines we carry offer complementary solutions for other manufacturing processes?

Some of the solutions you might use in your operation include:

  • fume extraction systems
  • soldering stations
  • tapping tools and presses

Their core disciplines have allowed them to create niche opportunities for solutions specific to marking processes, but their overall product capabilities are solid, high quality solutions that industry needs.

Fume Extraction Systems from TBH

TBH BF Series Fume ExtractionTBH offers the broadest range of product in the industry to cover your needs regardless of industry. Their 25 years of experience, coupled with their modular design, gives TBH the knowledge and flexibility to address their customers’ specific needs. Their innovative lab can help you solve your problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Various manufacturing processes can cause hazardous & toxic fumes, gases, aerosols and particulates that can be harmful to your health. Even nontoxic substances affect workplace air quality by dust and odor nuisance. Adding a fume extractor or filtration system to your manufacturing line can eliminate many of these hazards.

Soldering Irons from Hexacon

Hexacon Soldering IronsAs soldering equipment pioneers, Hexacon has helped set many of the standards by which soldering irons are now judged. With a wide range of soldering irons with low life cycle costs, Hexacon has set the standard for these tools. Hexacon’s first development was long-life, iron-plated tip technology, not to mention the first industrial pencil-style soldering iron.

High-quality powerful soldering irons bridge the gap between small pencil irons and larger industrial soldering tools. With high watt density, they are well matched to high speed production.

Impact presses (bending, forming, staking, etc.)

Press CrimpingThese presses are spring actuated so the impact is easily adjustable. Simply increase or decrease compression on the spring; the greater the compression, the greater the impact. Presses are supplied with a variety of springs to further increase or decrease the amount of impact. Vertical travel of the energy section is by a gear and rack arrangement.

What’s important is the highest set of repeatability, superior control and operation safety. They are available for manual and pneumatic operation in bench models and universal mounting for stand-alone or in-line manufacturing processes.

These impact presses are suitable for a wide range of applications such as assembly, bending, crimping, coining, forming, punching, riveting, staking, stamping, and more.

Tapping tools from Tapmatic

Tapmatic tapping toolsWhether your application is for CNC tapping on machining centers and CNC lathes synchronized tapping, rigid tapping or you need to increase productivity by using self-reversing tapping attachment on a conventional drill press or milling machine, Tapmatic has the right tap holder or tapping head to help you achieve the best for component manufacturing, as well as marking.

The Tapmatic produces their products with state of the art, highly automated equipment that meet ISO 9001:2008 certification. Quality and economic efficiency, innovation and reliability are what have made Tapmatic one of the world’s most recognized names for tapping tools.

Tapping attachment options include: self-reversing CNC tapping attachments, synchronized tapping, tension compression tap chucks, self-reversing manual tapping attachments with pre-selective torque drive, quick-change adapters, accessories, cutting fluids and dispensers.