Zeus in machine roll marking arrangement options

The machining process allows for many operations to be consolidated in one work cell: drilling, deburring, polishing and yes, marking. Often companies will choose to do the marking as a secondary process and use the valuable machining center for operations only possible in it. However, on occasion it makes sense to add a repetitive consistent message like a part number or date code without any extra work handling.

There are several methods for applying the marking details in machine for this purpose. With Zeus marking technology, workpieces and turned parts of all types can be marked quickly, affordably and with flexibility. The marking process is integrated directly in the machining process without changing to a separate machine.

Close up of Zeus in machine roll marking arrangement

These roll marking devices quickly apply legible marks as an additional process in-machine and eliminates the secondary process. These roll marking accessories are available in different diameters and can be equipped with individual type characters, interchangeable segments and solid rolls specific to the marking details. The Zeus product line also includes knurling wheels for other finishing processes.

Other in-machine options available from Leading Marks include scribe tools, dot peen marking heads and spring-loaded impact marking devices. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the best solution for your in-machine and/or secondary marking processes.

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