Zeus marking toolsMarking workpieces is an essential part of the production process to support traceability, batch separation, batch tracking and production documentation. Would you like to be able to mark parts without changing to a separate machine and interrupting production?  Integrating the marking process directly into your overall machining process makes it easy to mark parts, especially turned pieces, quickly, affordably and flexibly.

Examples of Zeus Marking Tools, Conical, Roll, and Spring Return Segment Marking Tools

Zeus Roll Marking tools can mark your pieces with a part number, a logo, or any number of impressions. Zeus can even make custom dies.  These marking tools are designed so the dies can be easily switched out by operators so the marking tools  can mark different workpieces. Zeus offers four types of dies to fill just about any requirement:

  • Revolving rolls. These custom built are designed to handle the diameter of each work piece.  Rolls are particularly useful for large and mid-sized series and for recurring components.
  • Spring return rolls and segments. Maximum flexibility since rolls of segments can be used for work pieces with varying diameters. and marking segments/rolls can be easily swapped out.
  • Conical rolls.  Custom conically shaped built roll adapted to the diameter of the work piece.  Conical marking rolls are well suited to large and mid-sized series, and recurring components.