Neff Automation, previously Intek Systems, shared office space with Laurie Barcaskey in the past. Since she started Leading Marks we have partnered with her for our marking requirements. She also makes referrals to us when automation is required.

Leading Marks was able to help change our process for making panel plates. Previously we were going outside to engrave 2-ply materials, which caused lost production time for travel. With the new thermal printing process we are now able to print in-house and make adjustments to layouts as needed, and this printing process has also expanded our printing capabilities. It also allows us to use the printed label as a template for drilling holes for switches at the same time.

We would definitely recommend Leading Marks.  Laurie is easy and pleasant to work with, and responds to emails and questions quickly. We appreciate her broad knowledge on marking technologies and that if she doesn’t know the answers she will put us in contact with someone who does.

Thermal printed panel plate, plates can be printed in-house and adjusted as needed.

Thermal printed panel plate, left side, detail

Thermal printed panel plate, right side, detail.