We have been working with Leading Marks since 2017.   Laurie Barcaskey is very responsive and pleasant to work with.

We needed a way to mark our plates with large letters/numbers that would not fall off when pulled for fabrication or to ship. JADCO purchased the EBS260 Handjet printer to mark our steel plates.  Laurie stopped in several times to show us how to work the printer and try it out on our plates prior to purchasing it.  We were using stencils and spray paint prior to this.  The steel stencils were heavy to carry around and would get caked with the spray paint over time.  The Handjet printer is light to carry around and easy to maintain.  It also marks the plates much nicer than the stencils did.

I would recommend Leading Marks and the EBS260 Handjet printer to anyone needing an easier, cleaner way to mark their material.