Hexacon heavy-duty plug tip soldering iron, model Si-P200.

We learned about Leading Marks via google when we searched for “new marking equipment.” Laurie not only responded to our email but she came out to see our processes and learn more specifics about our marking and production needs.

Initially we were interested in a dot peen system; but we began looking at other options when testing revealed that the indentations damaged our product’s EMI protection. Laurie suggested that we consider the Reiner JetStamp and it has been a lifesaver. Prior to using the Jetstamp we had to roll the mark onto the part using a 2-part epoxy ink with rubber rib type, and then affix a label. It was a messy process that resulted in poor quality marks – especially once the type was worn. Now we just use the JetStamp (a hand-held, ink marking system) to label parts with the required information. The time needed for this element of our production has been cut in half, if not more.

We needed to speed up other elements of our current production processes. Since Leading Marks also handles manufacturing tools, Laurie introduced us to the Hexacon line of soldering tools. Hexacon offers a wide variety of head styles that allowed us to complete soldering tasks more easily, particularly in some tight areas and these additions to our production line have been extremely helpful.

Laurie is very helpful and responsive. She checks in to make sure things are working and solves problems, including warranty issues, quickly when they arise. I would definitely recommend Leading Marks.