Matalco makes new products and aluminum billets from recycled materials.  They are using the Bepop printer to make safety-related labels and PPE diagrams.  In addition, Matalco is making labels for things around the plant to improve visual literacy such as daily production information, safety metrics, and labels for hard hats to show certification information.   They plan on expanding their use of the tool to label storage locations to make sure things are put away and improve efficiency.

Before the Bepop printer, Matalco would have to call a graphics designer, create a PO, have it printed elsewhere, and pick the labels up.  “Today if we have an idea, boom, we can do it today.  We don’t have to wait a week…we can do it right here.” Matalco stated that the system was pretty easy to use and user-friendly from the start, particularly f you are familiar with Microsoft tools like Powerpoint and Paint.

The information for this testimonial from Leading Mark’s customer came from the video shown below.  Watch it to learn more about Matalco’s experience with the MaxBepop CPM-100HG5 label printer.

MAX Bepop Testimonial - Matalco Inc.

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