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When I started Leading Marks in June of 2014 it was exciting, frightening and everything entrepreneurs prepare for (and some things they don’t!) Over the last three years I have researched and chosen vendors and products that are current with innovative solutions and supportive staff. This includes global names in the marking and traceability arena. Some I’ve known for years and others only more recently.

There have been the customer relationships that have followed me over my 30+ years in the marking industry, and others I’ve met through inquiries made to my vendor partners. Others I have sought out recognizing the marking and traceability options in the line offer process improvements, economical efficiencies and insure traceability.

My first sale through Leading Marks was a simple rubber stamp arrangement from a company I was introduced to by a networking contact – and the contact was a financial investment advisor that recognized I could help his client. It only strengthened my commitment to be more involved in every networking opportunity my schedule would permit.

Organizations like National Tooling & Machining Association, American Foundry Society, the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business & industry, and the Young Professionals in Energy have all offered meaningful opportunities to connect with peers and prospects, allowing time to learn, to have fun, and most of all to establish a reputation for solving problems. Some of the events allowed me to help introduce young children to the magic of manufacturing. After all, that’s what I love – seeing how things are made!

Over these last three years I have helped organizations upgrade their marking technologies: dot peen to laser marking, ink markers and stencils to handheld computer-controlled ink devices, blanket contracts for pre-printed labels, and paper reports for inspections to mobile apps extending reporting from management to customer specific access.

No matter how large or how small a project was, it is with heartfelt gratitude that I take this opportunity to say thank you for your confidence in me, and allowing me to help in your quest for a marking & traceability solution. My interaction with you on these projects allowed me to gain insight to other manufacturing challenges. And I value the lessons I have learned, the information you have shared, and most of all for becoming not only my customer, but my friend.

The one lesson I have learned is that “Traceability” is not an isolated need for any one particular industry. Traceability pertains to assets, and assets are defined by the organization, and the process. The asset has attributes that help define and track through the various process to help organizations capitalize on the information captured for delivery updates, insure stock availability, confirm proof of delivery, proof of work, and a multitude of other aspects that minimize an organizations risk.

Should you be considering a project with me now, I hope to gain your trust and partner with you to implement the solution. Should you be considering a new marking or traceability project – give me a shot!

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