On Wednesday May 9th, 10 am to 5 pm I will be at the Haas Demo Day with information and examples of Laser marking  and RFID  tracking for machine tools.  Learn more and register online for HAAS Demo Day.  Haas is giving all registered attendees a limited edition T-shirt celebrating Clint Bowyer’s first win SHR at the Martinville Speedway.

Laser marked part

Laser Marked Part

Laser Marking is permanent identification without product deformation up to deep engraving can all be accomplished with laser marking. Depending on the substrate being marked, the available cycle time, and the power of the laser permanent direct-part marks can be applied quickly from stand-alone work stations to fully integrated marking systems.

RFID Tag Samples

RFID Tag Samples

RFID or Radio-Frequency IDentification is becoming a popular labeling method that allows for quickly locating a component or asset, capture equipment details, and much more. Options for RFID labeling can be simple labels with adhesive, or rugged devices that survive in almost any environment.