Leading Marks will be in booth #638 in the Supplier Pavilion  at AFS’ Medtalcasting Congress.  The show is being held April 21-23, 2020 in Cleveland Ohio.

The Boss Buddy, is available as a manual or automated system.  It has been successfully implemented in industrial facilities like sand-mold foundries.

Come and  talk with me about your marking and traceability requirements for:

  • products identification
  • assets ID
  • safety warnings
  • location ID

and any other industry required specifications. By using the latest technologies for applying and tracking information your firm will be able to

  • reduce costs through safer processes
  • improve legibility by using the right tool for the job

The Industrial ID solutions I offer include direct-part marking, ink marking, thermal labeling.    I will also have information about the Boss Buddy, which is great for pattern labeling, casting marks and tooling IDs.  It replaces and improves upon older systems like Dymo or Roovers providing smaller footprint, quicker labeling, better legibility, and materials savings.