Leading Marks is proud to partner with MAX USA for the distribution of their thermal printers.

Who is MAX you ask?

MAX has been recognized worldwide as a leader of industrial tools and office products. The MAX thermal printers can be found in manufacturing facilities, chemical plants, educational & health care facilities and many more. Thermal printing solutions include the Letatwin and Bepop printers.

Let me share more about the Letatwin.

The Letatwin printer is a compact printer designed on-demand printing of tubing, tape, and wires.

The Letatwin printer has an enhanced feeding system that provides you with a marking speed of 1-1/2” (40mm) per second. It is developed for maximizing productivity of wire and tube marking jobs.

This compact package includes the Letatwin printer with an integral keyboard and PC Editor software for connected design of labels. Data can be transferred to a USB flash drive for printing away from the PC. It easily accepts data from Windows Excel or a .csv file reducing the time for data entry.

Consumables include heat shrink vinyl tubing and polyester tape. The heat shrink vinyl tubing is suited for 1.5 diameter to 8.0 mm diameter tubes and wires. The tubing is available for flat or round requirements and can be half-cut for ease of applying. The polyester tapes come in a variety of colors in widths from 5mm to 12mm.

Learn more: Review the Letatwin Brochure

What makes the Bepop thermal printer unique?

Sourcing labels and signs can often be a challenge and not permit you to meet the delivery requirement without a minimum charge. This is where the MAX Bepop printers allow you to capitalize on your investment by permitting you to print on-demand with the specific message needed for the situation.

The Bepop printers are 4-color thermal printer that can print in standard ANSI color or 4-color CMYK high resolution colors. In addition to a 1” per second print speed, it cuts labels to size or outline shape without the need of costly dies at 4.7” per second. The user-friendly software allows you to design labels for your needs or utilize standard templates pre-stored in the library. A complete library of standard icons are also included with the software. The Bepop printers come in two model sizes; one for 4” wide materials and one for 8” materials.
Common applications for the Bepop printers include: safety signs, pipe labels, GHS labels, shadow boards, product labels and warehouse shelf identification.

See the  brochure for the MAX-CPM-100HG5-Bepop literature
See the BePop in actionLink to Watch Max Bepop Video