Good Things are on the Horizon!

2020: a year of less than clear vision presents a challenge to see what the future holds for all of us. This year has left an unforgettable mark in our memories and on our world. With all of the challenges to meet with customers to evaluate applications it has been a good year for Leading Marks.

Allow me to indulge you with some details on a few notable installations of marking systems and related manufacturing equipment.

The Boss Buddy Accessory Package

Boss Buddy Foil Tape

The Boss Buddy accessory package continues to be well received for pattern-labeling requirements in the sand cast foundries, and was even featured in Modern Casting magazine for the installation at Goulds Pumps. This package improves the process by eliminating the “Spin-To-Win” rotation of a wheel one character at a time and replacing it with one press stroke embossing multiple characters at one time. Look for a new video of the package in January.

Aluminum Name Plate made with GravoTech Dot Peen marking system

Direct Part Marking

With high volume requirements of marking nameplates for regulators, this manufacturer chose to upgrade from an outdated rotary engraver that could engrave approximately 20 nameplates at one time to a dot peen marking system equipped with an automatic plate feeder. The unique challenge presented with a variety of curved nameplates is now being well served with faster and more consistent markings. For lower volume requirements they further invested in a custom fixture that mounts on the base of the dot peen and extends over the feeder to accommodate the marking of square, rectangular and round shaped nameplates.

Ink Marking Solutions

EBS HandJet

Whether it was component marking or packaging for the food industry, the Jetstamp 970 and 1025 handheld ink marking devices solved solutions for several companies. One manufacturer replaced their 2-part epoxy rubber rib stamp process and is now achieving much clearer marks in less time. Another installation at a food processing plant provided a back-up ink marking solution that kept product shipping out the door. Their application stream-lined the process utilizing bar code scanner data entry.

Reiner JetStamp

The EBS260 Handjet ink device increased in popularity with installations for packaging requirements on poly-mesh bags and replacing stenciling on steel plate — adding to our fabricators and lumber processing facilities already using the equipment. These stand-alone systems are currently applying date codes, shipping details, heat numbers and more in a variety of operations and in different colors! And one of the steel processors capitalized on the process by adding bar code data entry.

MAX Bepop Printer on Demand Label System

Thermal Transfer Labeling

The MAX Bepop CPM-100HG5 simplified the labeling process for their mold cables and now have wrap-around labels on-demand to fit a variety of cable sizes. The ease of printing and cutting with the details required on the labels per job provides savings in cost and time. The options for different color vinyls and ribbons provides many options for varying products.

TBH Filtration System

Related Manufacturing Equipment

The TBH line of air fume and filtration systems has proven to be a great asset for our current laser marking customers. They are no longer spreading undesirable fumes into the general work area and improved their maintenance requirements on the system by eliminating debris in the work chamber.

Looking Ahead to 2021

Looking Ahead to 2021 we are excited about the solutions our vendor partners are providing to manufacturing operations, construction projects and food processing requirements. Whether your needs are for marking or the related equipment Leading Marks is prepared to help evaluate your applications with sample marks with the various technologies. We strive to better understand your requirements based on the industry specifications, product and/or substrates to be marked, the environment it is subject to, available budget and other expectations that apply.

To better acquaint you to the product solutions and the limited ability to visit during these continued uncharted times, we are preparing a schedule of webinars with our vendors. If you want to be alerted to the workshops, please email

Exciting things are in store in 2021 as Leading Marks continues to Identify Solutions to suit your needs.

Happy New Year!