Winning Safety Solutions
National Safety Month 2020

June is National Safety Month. Shop floor hazards take many forms and may not be obvious to the casual observer:

  • Unprotected hammer work
  • improper lighting
  • fumes/vapors in the air.

Keep employees safe by protecting them as they work and making sure that they can see and breathe.   Learn more about products to related to employees safety in the sections below.


Protection from foul hammer blows achieved with Safety First Stamp Grip and other hand stamp holders.   These traditional products are made for rugged applications where quality is key, and safety a priority.  Options include:

  • Hand Stamps
  • Type
  • Hammers
  • Engraved Marking Dies
  • Rubber Type and Stamps
  • Hand Stamp Holders
  • Plate Marking Holders

See Traditional Options 


Clean air particulates and toxic fumes from work cells with air filtration.  TBH offers the broadest range of product in the industry to cover your needs regardless of industry. Their 25 years of experience, coupled with their modular design, gives TBH the knowledge and flexibility to address their customers’ specific needs. Their innovative lab can help you solve your problems in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Read about Filtration Options from TBH.


Visibility in low light environments help keep the workplace safe from tripping hazards and more.  LEDLENSER offers handheld and headlamps designs for

  • industrial lights with light outputs from 5-220Lm and beam distances up to 180m
  • safety lights which can operate in a range of environments including those with dangerous substances such as those with combustible gas, vapors or dust.

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