Would you like to save time and money by making it easier to print labels or tags at your facility?  Cembre is extending their promotions, to September 30, 2018, for two of its most popular products, the MG3 and Rolly3000.

Purchase either the MG3 or the Rolly3000 and receive free Cembre printing materials!

MG3 – Marking Genius

Offers high resolution printing based on thermal transfer technology.  The MG3 can produce

  • tags for cables, pipes and tubes
  • terminal block markers
  • legends and labels for electrical panels components and equipment.

Each monochrome ribbon can print more than 300,000  4×10 mm cable tags with full printable surface coverage.

Rolly 3000

The Rolly 3000 is a brand new Thermal Transfer Printer by Cembre. This printer can print both labels and heat-shrinkable tubes in the same printer.

  •  1000 pcs of 4×10 mm labels in under 2 minutes
  • 1000 pcs of 25mm heat shrinkable tubes in under 3 minutes

Its speed is matched the longevity of its printer-ribbon: 140,000 pcs of 4×10 labels and 55,000 pcs of heat shrikable tubes can be printed with 1 ribbon.  The Rolly’s user-friendly software and you easily trans print data can to its database.