pattern labeling system, the Boss Buddy

Boss Buddy, Marking System for Pattern Labeling

Check out the full length version of our article “Impacting the Pattern Labeling Process Marking System Increases Efficiency.” A shorter version of this article was published by Modern Casting under the title “Marking System Increases Efficiency” in their February 2020 issue.

This article presents the story of how the Boss Buddy provides a cost effective, easy-to-use solution to the pattern marking issues that many foundries and manufacturers are facing. It is a case study of Leading Mark’s partnership with Goulds Pumps; the article talks about

  • the state of pattern marking
  • Gould’s search for a solution
  • the implementation of the Boss Buddy

As many in the foundry  industry know, not only is older marking equipment being phased out; many companies are looking pattern making systems that create more legible and faster labels.  Pattern marking is critical since it provides a mechanism for process control and quality Tracking.   Tracking piece quality throughout the process allows companies to track operations and limit batch size is issues arise.  The Boss Buddy embosses foil tape, is compact, and uses proven components customized to meet foundry requirements.

Boss Buddy, Manual Foundry MarkingLearn more about the system via the following links: