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It’s a New Year with new regulations for manufacturing. Are you in compliance for the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for General Industry effective June 23, 2018?

So, you ask, why would Leading Marks ask this question? It’s a good time to talk about the products offered through Leading Marks that aren’t marking. Many of the product solutions have a foundational tool that is multi-purposed.

tapping headsTake the impact press, that is the core component for the pattern labeling package offered to the casting industry. This same unit can be equipped with tooling for light duty bending, crimping, forming, riveting, staking, and other applications.

Machining components that need marked takes tooling to make the part. The Tapmatic Tapwriter head is an example of using the core strength of the organization that provides tapping heads to machine shops and expanding to another process that can be done in-machine. Tapping attachment options include: self-reversing CNC tapping attachments, synchronized tapping, tension compression tap chucks, self-reversing manual tapping attachments with pre-selective torque drive, quick-change adapters, accessories, cutting fluids and dispensers.

Ahexacon soldering ironsnd the Hexacon soldering irons, did you know that a soldering iron is the base tool of a branding iron? Simply add an engraved marking die and you can add a variety of impressions to leather, wood, and other materials. But the strength of the Hexacon line is their heavy-duty soldering stations, and the variety of options between their pencil soldering irons.

Fume extraction systems on the other hand, are a complementary product to the laser marking systems to help maintain the systems for optimal marks and make for a safe work station. Soldering also has the potential to create toxic environments where with the addition of fume extraction becomes a safer work cell with better air quality. Particulates in the air come from many processes, and often cannot be seen but over time results as a hazard for the worker.

As companies are faced with new regulations, like the silica standard, their desire to maintain safe work places causes them to evaluate potential hazards for off-gassing and clean air. Many shops are equipped with full service dust collectors. However, the toxic fumes resulting from various processes like laser marking & welding, soldering, machining and others, benefit by installations of dedicated systems at the point of process. This provides more protection and higher quality air.

Should you find you need assistance to improve your manufacturing processes for marking, soldering and machining, and improve the safety with the equipment – including air quality – let’s identify the solutions Leading Marks can assist with.