Applied to products or assets for quick reference and note industry compliance. These items are available in plastic, metals, leather, paper and cloth with various retaining options such as adhesive, holes for riveting or screwing, wire strings, or other tamper-resistant mechanisms.

  • Imprinted can be standard industry legends or made-to-order per customer specific requirements. Imprint can be applied through a variety of methods such as silk-screen, etch, or indent with the option to add variable data to be added later.
  • Blank plates allow marking to be done in-house as needed through hand stamping, semi-automated or automated processes.
  • Asset & Security labeling can be done with pre-printed bar code labels or tags with standard retaining options or security seals to deter tampering.
  • RFID labeling allow human-readable text and graphics to be printed and include an embedded RFID chip that enables traceability for retail compliance or through the manufacturing process.

Stainless steel blank cable tag for printing on demand


Barcoded security seal


Agricultural identification ear tag for livestock