Leading marks represents companies who offer a range of traditional and advanced solutions for the following marking methods:

  • Direct-Part Marking.  Applying identification that will sustain very rugged environments and is used most frequently when marks are needed on a variety metals, plastics and wood.
  • Labeling.  Allows identification to be applied and maintains component integrity. Optional adhesives allow the labels to be used in various environments and offer tamper-evident options for security.  Labeling methods supported include pre-printed and printing in-house
  • Ink MarkingApplying marks directly onto product without disturbing the product integrity and eliminates the need for substrates with adhesive. Varying ink options allow for quick-dry, permanent and/or removable identification that meets specific application requirements.  Marking methods supported include: Stamps & Stencils,Portable Devices, and In-Line Systems.
  • Hot StampingApplying identification on to substrates such as plastic, leather and wood for decorative purposes or where other marking methods are not most feasible.   Marking methods represented include: Branding Irons, Presses and Marking Dies & Foils.
  • Tags & NameplatesApplied to products or assets for quick reference and note industry compliance. These items are available in plastic, metals, leather, paper and cloth with various retaining options such as adhesive, holes for riveting or screwing, wire strings, or other tamper-resistant mechanisms.  Namplate options include: Imprinted, Blank plates, Asset & Security, and RFID.