Boss Buddy, Manual Foundry MarkingThe uses of impact identification for casting and related industries include:

  • Pattern Labeling
  • Casting Marks
  • Tooling ID
  • Traceability

Creating impact identification marks includes three simple steps

  1. Emboss the foil
  2. Label the pattern
  3. Cast the detail

foundry marking steps

Leading Marks currently offers two packages for foundry marking

  • Manual package using a hammer-like impact to emboss characters on foil tape
  • Automated package for high volume, repeating legends improving cycle time in an almost hands-off work station.

While each package offers standard accessory options we can create special order fonts, character and logos for an additional cost.

Download our Pattern Labeling Brochure

foundry examples


  • Eliminate rotating wheels to mark one-character at a time (like with Dymo or
    Roovers labeling options).
  • Better Legibility
  • Quicker labeling
  • Material savings

Manual Package

Using a hammer-like impact, characters are embossed into foil tape with legends such as date codes, heat numbers, lot or batch id, order numbers, or other critical data.


  • Manual tape feed
  • Consistent impressions
  • Quick-change of legend details
  • Labor savings
  • Manual cutting
  • Material savings

Automated Package

With the same principle of operation, the labeling system is automated for high volume, repeating legends improving cycle time in an almost hands-off work station.

An automated system also can be equipped with:

  • Cutters
  • Rewinders
  • Table


  • Programmable
  • Quantity to imprint


Standard Accessory Options

foundry fonts examplesThree type chases are designed to match the standard tape options. Each chase has 2.25” wide pocket and accommodates varying character heights, as recommended for tape width.

The 5-mil Aluminum tape with rugged adhesive creates cast impressions with more definition and offers better legibility for the life of the casting. Flat surface applications are well served and more pliable on curved surfaces. This tape is easily removed from patterns when the casting process is complete.

Contents of the “A Style” Type Sets

foundry letter set sample

Special Order Fonts, Character and Logos

Customers can choose from the fonts shown or define their marking character set to meet their marking requirements.

Special characters and logos are available upon request and are subject to pricing review.