Automated Package

Similar in operation to the Boss Buddy, however this labeling system is automated for high volume and it can repeat legends improving cycle time in an almost hands-off work station.  Your choice of characters are embossed into foil tape with legends such as date codes, heat numbers, lot or batch id,

The Boss Buddy is an excellent replacement for older systems which use rotating wheels to mark one-character at a time (like with Dymo or Roovers labeling options).  Since it can be incorporated into a production line it will translate into

  • Better Legibility
  • Quicker labeling
  • Material savings

This system also can be equipped with:

  • Cutters
  • Rewinders
  • Table
  • Features
  • Programmable
  • Quantity to imprint

For additional information take a look at these links and PDFs.

Watch Leading Marks’ Boss Buddy Plus Automated System in action: