The same proven process of the Manual Boss Buddy, the Boss Buddy+ system is a semi-automatic arrangement for high volume requirements. It can repeat legends improving cycle time in an almost hands-off workstation. The operator manually sets the messages to be embossed into foil tape. Common messages include date codes, heat numbers, lot or batch id, and like details helping with the traceability process. PLC programming allows for automating the process for the number of messages to make, message length and spacing between labels.The Boss Buddy is an excellent replacement for older systems which use rotating wheels to mark one-character at a time (like with Dymo or Roovers labeling options). Operators no longer have to “Spin to Win” making labels. With the Boss Buddy packages it is easy to change-over to different character sizes. See your options for type character and chase sizes, along with options for tape width.

With speed and accuracy the Boss Buddy+ system yields results such as:

  • Better Legibility
  • Quicker labeling
  • Material savings

The Boss Buddy+ system also can be equipped with:

  • Cutters
  • Rewinders
  • Table

Boss Buddy Tape with sample impressions and font size options examples

Watch Leading Marks’ Boss Buddy+ (Automated) in action

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