Standard Options for Type Fonts and Chases

Three type chases are designed to match the standard tape options. Each chase has 2.25” wide pocket and accommodates varying character heights, as recommended for tape width.

Standard Style Type Set

The characters include in the standard “A Style” type set  are shown via the image link.

  • 5A:  136 alphanumeric characters plus 6 common symbols.
  • Sa: 94 alphanumeric characters plus 6 common symbols.

Special Order Fonts, Character and Logos

Standard type is produced with Gothic font with a variety of character heights to choose from.  Special character fonts, logos and symbols are available upon request and are subject to pricing review.

Aluminum Tape

The 5-mil Aluminum tape with rugged adhesive creates cast impressions with more definition and offers better legibility for the life of the casting. Flat surface applications are well served and more pliable on curved surfaces. This tape is easily removed from patterns when the casting process is complete.

Type in chase with dimensional information, click image to enlarge.


Characters in the standard type sets, click image to enlarge.


Client Review About Tape Adhesion & Durability

We do not use extra glue to keep the tape on the patterns. All we do is make sure the surface is cleaned off good with Acetone. The tape we get through Leading Marks has good adhesive on it, as long as we clean all oil off the pattern, the sticker will hold up to thousands of molds. We have ran a job that takes the heat date code for over 3000 molds and the sticker was still on. Brian, Urick Ductile Iron