Our Boss Buddy embossing packages are designed to improve the efficiency of the process of creating pattern labels for date codes, heat numbers, order numbers and other traceable identification. It is designed to emboss foil tape. The impact press insures consistent definition of the characters with one stroke of the press. Other technologies used for this purpose create the character one character at a time using value shop resources and yielding labels with variably defined characters.

The Boss Buddy accessory package easily installs on the base of a spring-loaded impact press. It includes a feed arrangement that uses manual knobs to guide the foil tape over the type chase fixture and to the opposite side where the foil is cut-off upon the creation of the desired number of legends.

Alternative packages are available for embossing aluminum and stainless steel tags that can be applied to ingots, bars, bins and more.

Boss Buddy Advantages

The Boss Buddy marking system offers 4 primary advantages over similar marking systems:

  • Eliminate rotating wheels to mark one-character at a time (like with Dymo or Roovers labeling options).
  • Better Legibility
  • Quicker labeling
  • Material savings

In addition, it is difficult to find parts for older, discontinued systems and manufacturers are looking for more efficient tools to replace rotating wheels which create labels one-character at a time.

Leading Marks is pleased to offer its own system which uses steel type characters to emboss foil tape.

Please review the following pages and PDFs for additional information.

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Read the full-length version of the article Impacting the Pattern Labeling Process. “A shorter version, titled “Marking System Increases Efficiency,” appeared in the journal Modern Casting, in February 2020.