Whether you are seeking to identify a component or part, put a warning label or sign in place to alert for potential risk, or mark the location for which an item will be stored or located in inventory, marking has never been so needed.

Industry is demanding identification to assist in minimizing risk; multi-vendor supply of components begs that all parts are marked as origin of supply or be responsible for the other guys mistakes. Liability concerns expect manufacturers to add precautionary labeling that warns of potential risks to the operator or for maintenance requirements.

Identification consists of applying an asset number, part number, serial number, QA/QC inspection approval or rejection, Corporate logos and/or industry symbols, heat codes, date codes, or a multitude of other types of detail. The process of defining the type of mark requires evaluation of options to determine the best method.  Leading Marks, LLC, offers a wide range of marking methods that provide solutions based on the situation.

Some of the key factors to consider when you are evaluating your marking process include and are not limited to:

  • What is driving the need for identification
  • What is the product or substrate on which the marking is needed? (i.e. metal, plastic, glass, fabric, or something else. Flat, round, smooth, rough or something else)
  • What size is the marking area?
  • What are the marking details? (alpha/numeric, logos, bar codes, date codes, etc.)
  • What is the environment the component will be used or exposed?
  • What is the cycle time for marking and/or applying the mark?
  • Will the marking be done as a stand-alone operation or integrated into the manufacturing process?

Factoring in industry requirements may require the use of bar codes or other traceable identification that will survive cradle-to-grave in varying environments.   Temporary marking needs verses permanent identification requirements impact the method used, including the budget needed for the solution.

Leading Marks, LLC, offers a wide range of marking methods to meet the demands of your process.  We can provide you with solutions for the following marking methods

To learn more about the common marking applications, methods, and industries served, explore the information and links below:

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