Whether you are seeking to apply an asset number, part number, serial number, QA/QC inspection approval or rejection, Corporate logos and/or industry symbols, heat codes, date codes, or a multitude of other types of detail, the process of defining the type of mark requires evaluation of options to determine the best method.  Leading Marks, LLC, offers a wide range of marking methods including:

Factoring in the industry requirements specific to your company may also require consideration of how you will apply bar codes or other traceable identification that will survive cradle-to-grave in varying environments.  To learn more about the common marking applications and industries served, explore the links below:

Consideration of the industry requirements becomes even more critical when the component is placed in and/or used in very harsh environments.
While the environment is important to consider other variables need to be considered such as:

  • Safety-Labels-ScatterProduct material; metal, plastic, glass, fabric, or something else
  • Is the surface where the mark will be applied flat, curved, recessed, smooth, machined, cast, etc.
  • What size is the marking area?
  • What are the marking details? (alpha/numeric, logos, bar codes, date codes, etc.)
  • What is the environment the component will be used or exposed?
  • What is the cycle time for marking and/or applying the mark?
  • Will the marking be done as a stand-alone operation or integrated into the manufacturing process?

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