Leading Marks, is a distributor specializing in industrial identification products used by electrical, mechanical and HVAC contractors. With a foundation in traditional marking solutions, Leading Marks excels at offering alternatives and upgrades in marking technologies ensuring solutions that provide:

  • Better legibility
  • Safer processes
  • Easy implementation
  • Budget-friendly solutions

Completing construction projects successfully is your job. Supporting the specific marking needs on you job site is our job. Leading Marks will work with you to identify and fulfill your project’s marking requirements. We stand ready to assist with small and large requirements, on-site printing, pre-printed, and read-to-install solutions. Recognizing that marking is only part of the requirements for a job site, Leading Marks is prepared to help with related tools to make work safer and more efficient. Leading Marks has identified strategic partnerships for products such as:

  • Industrial lighting
  • Lock-out tags & kits
  • Wire crimping devices & connectors
  • Soldering tools

Whether your needs are for a construction project or maintenance of an existing structure, Leading Marks is known for Identifying Solutions.

Marking Tools & Systems for Construction and Contractors

We offer a wide variety of marking tools and systems to meet the identification requirements for labeling, signage, safety and other security needs. Whether it’s simple messaging, industry standard or traceability of ownership, Leading Marks has the solution for your construction projects.

Industrial Markers

Used for quick application on the job site and manufacturing floor. A variety of inks, colors and chemistry available for marking a variety of substrates and environments.

Pipe Marking

Labels and wrap-around pipe marking used for identifying contents and directional flow are supplied with valve tags for meeting ANSI and OSHA standards. Available ready to install, standard as well as made to order. You can even print on demand.

Electrical Labels

Panel and wire labels offered in a variety of materials, adhesives and colors to meet the ANSI and OSHA demands of environments indoor and outdoor.

Signage for Site Safety

Insuring safety during installation and maintenance takes everyone on the team , and a variety of locks, devices and tags. Individual components and kits available.


Tags and nameplates for components, switches, and operational locations supplied in a variety of materials and imprinted to meet the demands of the environment they will be used.

Supporting safety & efficiency in the workplace.

Industrial Lighting

Visibility to get the job done require temporary lighting, whether it’s hard-hat mounted or portable battery-powered options. Whatever your next project requires, Leading Marks is ready to assist in Identifying Solutions.


Safety during the installation and servicing of utilities requires a variety of lock-out/tag-out components and kits.

Crimpers & Connectors

Utilities are installed more easily with the help of crimpers and connectors.